Limitless complexity in no time

Create complex business logic by combining Pro-Code, Low-Code and No-Code.

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Create and control any logic you want

In Build.One you can design logic through various processes. Use our best-of-breed visual tools or simply your own code.

  • 100% Individual

    The combination of Pro-Code with No-/Low-Code enables full flexiblity at all times.

  • Super Fast

    Get more stuff done through visual editing and without code duplication.

  • Write Pro-Code

    Write your own code and use your favourite technologies.

Business Process Designer

Visual Designer

Design your processes with the visual process designer.

  • Modeling and building within one step.
  • Integrated with all screens and objects you create.
  • Easily collaborate with business users.

Rules Engine

Visual Designer

Automate digital decisions without code.

  • Intuitive interface and spreadsheet-style modeling.
  • Millisecond response times and scalability across millions of transactions.
  • Test new rules to ensure accuracy and pinpoint conflicts.

Logic Designer

Visual Designer

An intuitive, visual way to build syntactically correct user-generated algorithms - without code.

  • Use visual objects that represent code concepts like variables, logical expressions, loops, etc.
  • Apply programming principles without worrying about syntax.
  • Always generate syntactically correct algorithms.

Client Logic API


Simplifying coding logic on client side.

  • Readily manipulate the logic of visual objects on client side.
  • Use simple calls to make screens and interactions fully dynamic.
  • Use object-oriented programming with compile-time checking and intellisense.

Frontend Pro-Code


Fully individualize your Frontend by using professional code.

  • Write Pro-Code that dynamically changes screens from where it was called.
  • Use any objects from the visual design available as an API in Pro-Code.
  • Use any third-party functionality and libraries.
  • Write Pro-Code that does sophisticated filtering or client-logic, e.g. change data-requests based on screen-content.

Backend Pro-Code


Limitless logic by using professional code.

  • Implement any kind of business-logic that runs on the server.
  • Improve productivity by using Build.One functionality from your Pro-Code, e.g. manage complex recursive structures like a BoM.
  • Provide integration hooks with other systems.