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Build any complexity and UX without legacy risk

Build.One allows you to implement UX in the browser that is usually only available via desktop. Create everything with our browser interface.

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Build what you want from inside the browser

In Build.One you can create and control UX and design with many different tools.

  • Be fast

    Drastically speed-up Time-to-Market and avoid repetitive tasks.

  • Collaborate

    Developers, architects and users can directly work together on the application.

  • Scale innovation

    When modelling and building at the same time, innovating becomes scalable.

Screen Designer

Visual Designer

Visually design highly personalized user screens.

  • Source from a library with hundreds of predefined objects.
  • Customization and layout options are virtually unlimited.
  • Design screens and instantaneously update your application.

Form Designer

Visual Designer

Rapidly structure and layout any form-UX.

  • Highly customizable with many pre-defined options.
  • Built-in validation and linked database.
  • Can simply be used by developers, business users and analysts.

BPM Designer

Visual Designer

A complete business process automation to design, automate and improve complex processes in your application.

  • Automate and orchestrate complex business processes from end to end.
  • Business users, architects and developers can easily collaborate.
  • Continuously improve your processes with a few clicks.

Flow Designer

Visual Designer

Orchestrate multiple data sources and relations instantly.

  • Use smart links to define relations between any objects.
  • Not just within a screen. Define relations across any instances.
  • Each object type and relation type comes with built-in intelligent behaviour.

Any Layout, Themes,
Corporate Identity & Styles


Be fully flexible, the entire time.

  • Rapidly design the layouts your UX needs.
  • Easily control development and updates with themes and styles.
  • 100+ UI controls with full keyboard support.

Multi-Tasking & Multi-
Windowing UX


Multi-Tasking & Multi-Windowing UX.

  • Users can perform multiple tasks in parallel without saving a state.
  • Multiple screens can be opened and moved across each other within one browser window.
  • The most complex user paths can be designed without any knowhow in web technologies.

End-User Customization


Customize user paths based on roles, user input and locale.

  • Custom logic and roles
  • Custom screens and wording
  • Custom styling



Drastically simplify and fully control any internationalization effort.

  • Multi-Language data and UI-Languages
  • Custom translations
  • Locales and time zones

Document Generation


Automatically create and design documents in the most common formats.

  • All of the most widely-used formats: Word, Excel, PDF etc.
  • Template-based and multi-lingual.
  • Rich-Text editor and document viewer.

Templating & Frameworks


Avoid code duplication by re-using proven UX and logic.

  • Speed-up development with ready-to-use applications and modules.
  • Use hundreds of readily available building blocks like forms, grids etc.
  • Customize and create individual templates on all levels.

Development Workflows


Make your development and deployments processes as flexible as possible.

  • Work on both active development and hotfixes at the same time.
  • A Git workflow design including traditional but also many new branch types.
  • Optimized for Low-Code and Pro-Code development in one project.