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The Blueprint Technology

The Blueprint Technology is fundamentally different from conventional software development. A pathway to entirely new possibilities.

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Build.One applications are data, not code

  • All objects used in Build.One applications, forms, buttons, panels, etc. are truly object-oriented
  • All functionality, behavior and appearance of an object is defined through metadata. This metadata is separated from the actual implementation of the underlying object-type
  • For every object-type, there is a corresponding function in our Rendering Engine, which brings the metadata for that specific object-type to life - at runtime
  • Every application built with Build.One is fully described by the metadata of all objects combined. That is the Blueprint

Entirely new possibilities

  • Metadata is structured data and allows for entirely new possibilities when creating, delivering, updating and maintaining applications. Think free-form word-text (code) vs. database records (metadata)
  • Automate rules checking, realize global changes in an instant, control your logic and structure with unheard precision
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No more Legacy

Never again invest into a Frontend technology. Build.One takes care of that. Apply all of your focus on business logic and differentiation.

  • When delivering a Build.One application, we don’t write HTML/CSS code to sit and wait on a server. When a user launches a screen, it is created dynamically in realtime by our Rendering Engine
  • The Rendering Engine reads out the Blueprint of your application, adds the code required to create the experience and delivers the screen instantaneously
  • As a result, you never have to worry about the Frontend technology ever again. Build.One takes care of including the most relevant web technologies into the Rendering Engine
  • Your application stays up-to-date, always. No more Legacy, ever!

Include Pro-Code

Stay fully flexible and add professional code where you want. It simply becomes part of the application Blueprint

  • Add Frontend and Backend Code to build individual business logic
  • All Pro-Code will be added to the Blueprint of your application
  • Our Rendering Engine delivers the entire experience including individualized business logic in realtime

An entirely new experience when building applications

  • Automate logic checks

    As all applications and logic is structured in Metadata, checking for consistency, completeness, similarity and structural errors becomes easy.

  • Reuse, do not copy

    Simply refer to the same metadata when using the same building blocks, e.g. use your customer details form in your offer and order maintenance screens.

  • Global changes in an instant

    As every condition is structured, introducing change to parameters and technology becomes fast and simple.