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Build.One Partners
– stronger together

Proud to be partner-minded

Build.One is proud to be a partner-minded company. Our partners help customers develop and run cloud business applications that

  • Will never become legacy
  • Are flexible
  • Do not depend on upgrade cycles
  • Are tailored to end user’s needs

In contrast to regular Low-Code platforms, Build.One enables you to build complex business applications by combining No-Code, Low-Code and professional code.

Given the flexibility and capabilities, our partners help customers to not only modernize their application landscape, but expand to completely new business models. Developers can focus on adding value from important new features instead of debugging or programming interfaces.

Why partner with Build.One

With Build.One you gain competitive advantage in service delivery and customer success.

  • Win new customers with competitive advantage

  • Finish complex projects faster at lower cost

  • Lower project risk and gain more control

  • Reach higher customer satisfaction

  • Create own frameworks and templates with Build.One

Partnership types

  • Business Partners

    Provide software solutions and implementation services to customers

  • Technology Partners

    Integrate or complement their product portfolio with Build.One

  • Training Partners

    Train partners and customers on the Build.One platform

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