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Field service maintenance automation

Leading water treatment technology provider automates maintenance handling

Field operators can now directly add maintenance checks and incidents into the ERP. Repair jobs are automatically issued as needed.


Integrations: In-house ERP, Office365

Health insurance case management

Governmental institution transitions insurance application with millions of accounts

All operations across 12 locations integrated into one central application. Handling all aspects of insurance process with invoice control, case evaluation and legal services. Inlc. automations of scanning, E-Mailing, printing and data exchange.


Integrations: Office365, In-house systems, DMS

B2B customer self‑service portal

Global leader of industrial equipment boosts customer success

Comprehensive customer portal with product configuration, order management and order history. Built for corporate accounts with multiple users and access management.


Integrations: SAP BusinessOne, SAP S4/Hana

Document generation automation

Leading construction software provider automates millions of documents per year

Embedding complex business logic and regulatory requirements into proposals, order and invoice generation, including dynamic product information and subtotals over multiple hirarchies.


Integrations: In-house systems, Office365

PIM internationalization automation

Leading educational service provider automates 90% of internationalization processes

Handling the internationalization of over 2 million formatted texts and standardizing the translation process in one application.


Integrations: MS Dynamics Nav, In-house systems

Integrated contract generation

Leading energy company automates document and contract generation

Automatically creating contracts out of SAP. All Layout and styling definitions are stored within word templates and implemented without coding. Reaching a performance of 50 pages per sec.


Integrations: SAP, Office365

Multi‑language proposal management

Global provider of training systems automates thousands of proposals

70 users, incl. field sales, automatically generate and customize thousands of individual proposals per year in 14 languages (incl. Cyrillic, Arabic and Chinese).


Integrations: Salesforce, MS Dynamics Nav, Office365

ERP for consumer products industry

Leading ERP provider builds comprehensive ERP and point-of-sales solution

ERP includes accounting, debtor management, product management, customer relationship management, warehouse management, procurement, etc.


Integrations: Office365, In-house systems, DMS

Customer web portal

Leading industrial education company moves customer engagement online

Thousands of customers can discover and order hundreds of different products from a web portal. Personalized offers are then received and accepted online.


Integrations: Salesforce, MS Dynamics Nav, Office365

ERP and accounting retail industry

Leader of specialized accounting software transforms into web

Transitioning legacy accounting system from windows fat client into web application. The full scale accounting and CRM functionality includes account management, accounts payables/receivables, debtor management inventory, etc.


Integrations: In-house systems, Office365

Real‑estate approval management

Global leader of facility management services automates complex approval

Individual sales reps create proposals and hand-over for approval, that is executed based on a complex set of business rules and regulation.


Integrations: Single-Sign-On

Order‑to‑Cash solution

Leading pharmaceutical distribution company moves customers to web

Consolidated in-house applications into one order-to-cash solutions, to manage the entire order process from customer portal to delivery, including warehousing and inventory, etc.


Integrations: In-house systems, Office365

Product information management

Harmonization and standardization of global product offering

Maintaining and harmonizing global product portfolio of 18 product lines. Creating a single source of truth for all sales and marketing channels.


Integrations: MS Dynamics Nav

Data management integration

Leading training agency automates CRM- and ERP-integration in real-time

CRM updates from sales team trigger changes and business logic execution in downstream systems, such as ERP.


Integrations: Salesforce, MS Dynamics Nav, Office365

Sales solution for complex product offering

World-leading education provider customizes and proposal integration

Creating and customizing comprehensive product data and customer proposals in a web solution. Company-wide ERP and CRM get updated automatically.


Integrations: Salesforce, MS Dynamics Nav, Office365

ERP for rental equipment

Leading software provider for rental equipment renews ERP

Transitioning legacy ERP from windows fat client into web application. The full scale ERP functionality includes CRM, point of sale, returns, inventory, accounting, etc.


Integrations: Point-of-sale devices, Office365

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