Build any
Business Application
future-proof in record time

Don’t choose between Low-Code and Pro-Code to build your business application. Build.One combines the best of two worlds in a never seen technology platform. Join the next evolution of application development.

Build mission-critical enterprise applications

Build, customize and extend every part of your application intuitively with our truly scalable Blueprint Technology. You can code but you don’t have to.

Increase development productivity by factor 20x

One platform with everything your IT team needs to build complex and impressive applications for any business case - 20 times faster.

No more legacy for your business applications

Handle and extend an infinite number of objects, hierarchies, and rules and store them as structured metadata. No more cost intensive legacy-cycles.

More possibilities for your business

Build ERPs, PIMs, CRMs or any other core business application

  • Build core applications in a fraction of time

  • Create business logic of any complexity with No-Code, Low-Code and Pro-Code

  • Automatically validate business logic and reduce errors

  • Enjoy fully responsive and individual UI & UX without any code

  • Seamlessly integrate into your ecosystem

  • Never suffer from future legacy again

What Build.One is made for

Build new applications from scratch

Build entirely new applications, such as CRMs, ERPs, Document Handling or Customer Portals. Handle any complexity in one application.

Customize and extend existing applications

Extend existing applications with numerous business processes, such as document generation, approval processes or additional business logic.

Replace legacy and transform into web

Just upload your data model and get jumpstarted into transforming legacy applications. Our Blueprint Technology is universal and always state-of-the-art.

The next evolution of building software

Classic Development

Today’s Low-Code


Application depth Full range Primarily simple / single purpose Full range
Complexity cost Medium: Increasing exponentially with application depth Very high: Strongly increasing with application depth Low: Almost linear increase with application depth
Time-to-market Long Short Short
Architecture Source code Independent screens Structured object-oriented metadata
Legacy cycle Every 6-12 years with changing technology Every 4-8 years with changing technology No legacy, technology independent

Modernization of case management application in the health-care sector with more than one million patients

Stefan Geyer, CEO OSIV Switzerland

We have very demanding requirements, that conventional enterprise tools could not transfer into a modern web application. Build.One enabled us to modernize our complex application in no time. It was crucial to us that our existing development team could perform this transformation without the need to learn HTML, JavaScript or CSS. With Build.One, we have a future-proof technology and remain up-to-date permanently.

Stefan Geyer, CEO OSIV Switzerland

The next evolution of enterprise application building

Software built with classic code or Low-Code often fails due to the increasing complexity of growing applications. Build.One structures the development process and enables security in growth and scalability, allowing you to build applications with the most complex business logic in a fraction of time without legacy risk.